About Us

Eathot , well Eat hot.
That pretty much describes us.
We at eathot, an online food portal make sure you spend those lovely moments with friends, family or playing videogames or watching your favorite series with your favorite food, without having to worry going through those tedious process of cooking.

Well it pretty simple,
We present to you, a list of restaurants partners available in your area where you can choose from and then view their menu and order right away. You can get it delivered * to your doorstep or you can pick-it-up on the way home. That’s it.
Pay online or on delivery.
So simple!!!
Now don’t be starving there, eat hot.

How it all started

we could buy a smartphone ,computer, clothes, a piece of land, furniture’s well even get matched with life partners. Not to mention dates.
But dude where’s my food. So we took the challenge of aggregating all the restaurant for you at a touch of your smartphone or click of a mouse, just so you could sit back and relax and enjoy the food.